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Diagnoses viral illnesses remotely over SMS. || Predicts and tracks epidemics.

What We Do

At txtMD, we provide critical health services to groups in impoverished regions who lack access to basic medical information, have few official records, and who often forego checkups due to the high opportunity cost. More exciting, we use that aggregate data to detect an epidemic before it becomes viral [or track it in real-time as it does].

Here's How We Do It:

How It Works

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Patient Information

To diagnose, txtMd gathers basic demographic information from the patient. They provide their symptoms and we pull their location for better accuracy.


Aided by input from Canadian public health professionals, txtMD makes a diagnosis guided by weighted symptoms, machine learning and other inferred data.

Treatment Facility

Using Open Data to find nearest healthcare facility, txtMD offers to book an appointment with an attending doctor.

Receive Tip Stream

Rather than wait for the illness to strike, txtMD educates our clients on day-to-day adjustments they can make to improve their health.

Behind The Scenes

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